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I just bought my car 6 days a ago. the day I took it off the lot I had to call the warranty dept.

because the back reverse lights weren't working. so they tell me to take to one of there shops which I did and got the problem fixed. A few days later the car was chugging. I thought lets go get the oil changed, get to the place to get oil changed and guess what NO OIL.

So in the mean time the engine light comes. then think lets go get a tune up so now im up to $350 in work. I put $1,000 down on this car. I call the company they keep transferring me to different people have to explain the situation to like 5 different people then tell me to call the lot.

they are giving me the run around. VERY VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. would never refer anybody to they and you are paying $1,000's of dollars over what the car is worth and the payments that I got are very high. they advertise that they give you low payments with low to money down WHAT A BUNCH OF ***.

this is one PISSED OF CUSTOMER. and I will also be going to the BBB bout this. so please anyone else with problems with this company PLEASE do the same so they can stop doing this to people.

nothing like taking advantage of people.

Monetary Loss: $1350.

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