Well I must say the dealers where nice but I guess they have to be to get u to buy *** cars. First off I got a 2001 Chevy impala with 164000 miles on it for about 10000 that should have been a red light there but this is my first car so I didn't know.

About one week after the breaks went bad that it starting dying on me took it about 4 time and it still does the same thing my ex who help me get this piece of *** call the UAC place no help tried to trade it in I can't so not I'm stuck with a 400 payment with a car that isn't dependable. How do they expect us to make these high payments if I can't get to work.

I have paid 5000 on this car all I want is to trade it in or just call it even so I can go elsewhere to afford to get a better car so I can get to work. I am a single mother and all this extra money I have put into this car I could have been using it on my child so if anyone from carhop is really reading this for once do something right and really help

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Redwood Falls, Minnesota, United States #626938

i agree that car hop is a joke. i got a 98 gmc jimmy from them i am still not dont paying it off and ive spent way more fixing EVERYTHING on it than i have in payments! i really want to trade it in but im afraid that if i go back to carhop i will just get another vehicle.

Maple Grove, Minnesota, United States #611424

We would welcome contacting you to lend a hand, but need to identify you in order to help. Please send your last name, the make and model year of your vehicle, when and where you made the purchase, along with a description of the issue you are facing to talk2us@carhop.com. A special CarHop representative will be in touch.

to CarHop Auto Sales and Financi Northfield, Minnesota, United States #620416

Well that site doesn't work and now my car won't even start I have 1000 dollars on this car and still nothing it shut down whole I was driving I could have been hurt . I just won't out of this loan so I can get a better car and go to work seriously if I have no car how am I suppose to work to pay off the loan

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