I have read multiple reviews about carhop and maybe I should have taken a look before I decided to go up to the carnagie pa lot. We were put into a 2000car buick lasabre beautiful car well cared for but way over priced.

After putting money into our last car and not being able to get it running we had no choice to take the car to get us to and from work. Well either way you figure "lemon" this is beyond a lemon we didn't have the car for 6 hrs and the transmission started slipping. And by the next evening it broke down! The transmission in our not even 48hr car freaking shot!

We forced them to tow the car at this point we wanted to end the contract and get our money back. They obviously didn't like it and told us they would get the car fixed and we could keep it for a few more days to make up our mind. It became unreal to me this morning when I demanded a receipt for the transmission for my personal record and car hop had me call the mechanic because they said they have nothing to do with where the parts come from. Not knowing I had already spoken to the mechanic who told me that carhop didn't want him to order the transmission because they already ordered it.

When I started getting louder demanding information the mechanic then made me aware that carhop got the transmission from a *** junk yard! Why the *** are you going to place a transmission into a car from a junk yard when you are being paid triple for a 14yr old car?

I JUST SERIOUSLY WANT MY MONEY BACK. Im still walking to work and have no car because the car has been in the shop for a week and I can continue to walk to work and save my money for a car that is SO MUCH CHEAPER any place else.!

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