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So my wife was in need for a car. We don't have the best of credit so we heard about car hop.

Worst mistake of our lives. We purchased a Honda CRV in September of 2012. It has some cosmetic damage but seemed to run decently so after a downpayment of 400 dollars and 200 dollar payments bi-weekly she decided to take it. Within two weeks the car key could not unlock the driver side of the car.

So you would have to unlock the passenger front door and reach across to unlock the driver side. Car Hop does include a warrenty but only applies to the engine. Well even though its inconvienant that was something we could manage through. So another week goes by and the check engine light turns on.

I check all the fluids and all the fluids are fine. I attempted to call their service department "Very Rude" and they give me a list of four different mechanics that do their repairs. I call one of these mechanics and I was informed that they will determine what is wrong with the car, after they find out what is wrong they contact Car Hop. Car Hop then sends the mechanic their own parts "Used Car Parts" for the repair.I was warned by the mechanic that this process can take weeks.

So since we could not afford to rent a car for weeks while still making payments to Car Hop we decided to save some money for a long car rental just in case. Well two weeks later I notice the car started to leak oil. Looking underneath the car the whole oil pan was covered in oil. I could not track down where this oil leak was coming from since there was so much oil all over the bottom of the engine and this was also followed up by a loud scraping in the passenger rear tire.

The brake pads were worn out, so the brake pad"Having no Pad left" was grinding against the rotor. Returned the car and am in the process of taking legal action against Car Hop and UAC "UAC owns Car Hop by the way" in the Unfair and Deceptive acts and practices law. Lemon Law for used cars. Do not do business with this company.

They buy cars that have salvaged titles or from disaster areas and sell cars that are worth maybe 1000 dollars and sell them for 12000 or more. You are better off buying a 500 dollar car and paying for repairs yourself. Car Hop takes advantage of people with bad credit in order to make unreal profits for themselves. Oh and the fan belt broke so had to repair it prior to the oil leak.

This car was owned for three month by us and we maybe put on 2000 miles.

Avoid this company at all costs. One more bit of info their Aurora Colorado office has a BBB sticker on their front window "Better business Bureau" but the BBB has no affiliation with Car Hop any legit company would never even wants to be within the same state as this Deceptive Company.

Monetary Loss: $12400.

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this is also a customer of car hop needing ur help u can reach us at 5012081883

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