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Worst company ever! I purchased a car back in May 2012.

Was constantly having problems and funny noises. Took it in to one of carhops approved mechanics and they told me nothing was wrong and that my check engine light being on was nothing. I took it to someone else to have a diagnostic done and found NUMEROUS problems with it. Finally UAC tells me that my warranty was up (18 months or 18,000 miles) Well I had to replace the breaks twice including the routers and calibers, thermostat (which they said it was so rusted that it looked liked it had never been replaced on the car), and had to replace the wheel barrings.

Ok no problem so stuff happens when you buy a used car. Well my motor decided to blow Jan 2014 before my loan is even paid off. I called in and spoke to a lady named Kate to make payment arrangements because I needed the money to replace the motor. So she did the skip a payment thing.

I replace the motor and everything and cost me $2000. Come to find out they tell me I have an unlimited mileage warranty because I was on autopay!!!! So I forked out money I did not need to spend!!! I called to raise *** and got the lovely Kate lady again.

Well she denied me ever telling her I had motor problems or she would have told me I was still under warranty. Then she tells me it was in my paperwork but not in my contract that I had this unlimited warranty. As I recall Carhop made me automatically enroll in autopay when I took the car off the lot. Looked through ALL my paperwork and there is nothing in there.

Well they will not reimburse me for the money I spent on REPLACING THE MOTOR because I did not take it to one of their shops. First off why would I even want to take it to their shop when the dumbasses told me I did not have any problems before when I did!

I am pursuing a case against suing this company for all they have done. And yes I have a paper trail and proof of phone calls by their quality assurance recordings so good luck to them when I come and *** them in the *** back!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carhop Loan.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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I had same exact problem.Night mare Waited for engine to be re-placed because it blew a month after buying car.They kept putting me off and then.Stole my check book and cashed check's.That they had no right too.I dealt with someone named Kathleen.I am sure it is the same person.Just shortened there name,To Kate.My Husband cashed 401 k plan gave them money to fix.Never fixed.I tried getting justice,but the people just vanished.No more Car hop.Think Drug's they are Heavy into.Had the lemon test done and of course all looked good on paper.Don't ever buy from them...!!! A-lot more to this story,but if you get a criminial report you will truly find out the truth.


I am wondering why the I-hop closed in Portland,Milwaukie Oregon.I am wondering some thing's this owner of I-Hop I believe is related to a man who had a car lot on Macloughlin Blvd.There was a lot out there that a man owned that had a girlfriend.I am almost positive this is a relation of Mike Scharri.Pardon my spelling I have noted that this owner act's the same way as Mike Scharri did.But I was treated the same way.It is to much the same I bought a car from .This Dealership $99.00 down.Bad-low credit accepted.They gave fake lemon report.Swished me into a Amigo Truck,and the engine blew.I kept getting run around.Husband had to get money out of 401 k plan.To Help pay for new engine.I reported them to BBB and finance Company.There was a lady named Kathleen Redmond,she was Mike's Girlfriend.My vechicle never got fixed they cashed in on 401 k plan 2 thousand plus took our check book.And wrote check'sThis owner sound's like a relation to Mike S..They eventulley gated everything off.My car was inside not fixed and they re-located across the street where I hop car lot was on 82 and around Johnson creek located,before they vanished.They weren't making there rent at other place so they where locked out.The new place across from I-Hop on 82nd Street They where only there a short time before This man died of ....'s.If this is a cousin of his and he has all these Un-happy customer's around the USA.Someone need's to put a stop to this.It really sound's to much like everything we went thru.This Happened to us in 2003.So go figure 10 year's later.I had to put this out to help people realize They maybe related.To much simuler thing's.I waited a whole summer for it to be fixed,They new they sold me a rip off.I looked for paperwork that was not there. Empoyees could not help me or my husband.I got scammed.If anyone in Oregon want's more info from me just write.About Mike Scharri all his problem's showed up in the metro section of the Oregonian in around 2003. If anyone can tell me the owner of this I-Hop I would like to know.what his name is and if he is related to Mike.

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