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I was in a situation where I needed a car right away, and while they did help me they sold me a piece of *** that come to find out is not even worth close to half what I paid for it. I bought a 99 Ford Taurus from them, for over, when all is said and done, 7k and I pay $240 a month for it.

The car, when I bought it, (little did I know) was only worth maybe $1,500 and in the not even two years I've had it, I've had one issue after the other. I've had to put over $800 into it so far, and it needs a whole new front end. That WAS gonna cost me at least $1,300, but was told by two different mechanics at two different shops to just run it into the ground cause the cars not even worth THAT much. With all the issues it has, I might get $500 for it.

Car Hop also sold me the car with a donut spare tire that had two big gashes in it. Who does that. I HATE Car Hop with a passion.

THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I learned a big lesson with this mistake.

Monetary Loss: $7892.

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Merchants who spend their workdays & get paid to learn, know, & share info about their merch in order to sell it to consumers vs Consumers who spend their workdays learning & knowing their trade or craft in order earn money to pay those Merchants to do that job ethically if not correctly. By "ethically" I mean "making correct all that is not & should not have been incorrect to begin with & being honest about any part of any of it".

If drivers can be shamed for poor car-buying practices, what does this say about the car dealers? That they should be sued AND for unethical practices a.n.d. they (all who play a part) should GO TO JAIL for fraud, theft, swindling: Confidence Game noun 1. any swindle in which the swindler, after gaining the confidence of the victim, robs the victim by cheating at a gambling game, appropriating funds entrusted for investment, or the like.

To any commenter who believe they have been cheated or had things taken when they didn't quite understand what was going on or, really, even gone to a restaurant h gotten *** food/service & feels that they should be vendicated & that the knowing perpetrator(s) need to be held accountable: If you think ot's ok to blame the consumers on here venting & sharing, I must assume you believe you are somehow designed & made of better material & are deserving of far betterctreatment then the folks on here. This means you are or will be either, 1 of said Merchants or an unknowing victim. Maybe, you got caught & are feeling a little salty. I don't know.

But, I know this: You would do well to look a little closer. No one is above being done wrong. You may be getting done while you're busy trolling & pointing. If you think I'm wrong, secretly ask some of the honorable CarHop Sales folks how many times & how hard they got done (in their lives) before they learned how to do it & thought it was ok to do.

Go join their rant. All of these same complaints from various CarHop Victims in more than 2 states cannot be shushed by a basic parental child shame used to keep folks from questioning grownups' bad practices. Sorry if I sound mean. But, I am SICK of folks believing that, so long as a person falls for a lie, the liar is not to blame.

We consumers do need to educate ourselves. That needscto begin in the early years, NOT after someone has pulled of predatory lending & told people to go back to their cabins the boat's not sinking or go back to their desks the highrise's ok. There has to be some level of worthy trust if even the mean trolls & their loved ones are to survive.

Try wearing a shiny heart with that pointy thinking cap. Now, that's a SWEET outfit!


I feel you! I had also bought a 99 ford taurus from them!

It was nothing but problems within the first month! 2 year warranty my butt! And who ever MR. Alq is saying it's the buyers fault must be an employee for CAR HOP!

Shut your mouth!


So you needed a car right away and therefor you rushed into buying one without researching condition or cost, signed on the dotted line and it's their fault? lol, wow, some peoples children.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #638427

this is why we have the "lemon law"

to onehit King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania, United States #658091

Doesn't cover used cars. Buyer beware!

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #637404

Did the salesman hold your arm behind your back to make you sign the contract for the car? You now have a case of buyer's remorse.

Take your car to other shops and get a quote on front end. Then continue to drive the car.

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