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I purchased my Subaru in Feb 2012, since then, I have put over $600 into it as far as an exhaust manifold, and new tie rods. Now, there is a leak in the valve cover and the transmission and motor mounts are broken.

I have had it in the shop 3x in two weeks because of the noise it is making when it is running. It had less than 15% of the brakes left when I bought it, so of course, those need replacement! They are now wanting their payment but how can I pay that when I cant even afford to get the car fixed? I gave $1300 in down payment and outrageous payments per month, yes, I agreed to, but, I expected this car to last at least the two years Im paying for it!

not 3 months! Also, they call EVERYONE you listed and harrass my workplace for payment!

I am about to let them take the car since my credit is already bad, I can file bankrupcty! I have never had such a horrible experience with a car, or company, EVER!.

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Hello, go speak with an attorney. Let them know you paid in good faith and save all the receipts you do have a class action case where people like you have been taken advantage. do your research under reppo vehicles and get a lawyer each state has their own rules with vehicles

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