Carhop seemed good in the beginning. Advertising says only 99$ down, build your credit, all of that sounds great but doesn’t necessarily mean that cars going to get you to work every day. I’m only 18 years old and had thought that it couldn’t get any better than car hop because I had no credit and couldn’t get approved anywhere else. I purchases a 2002 pontiac grand am. I asked some of the standard questions when I purchased the car. Like, what’s covered? Are the tires good? Etc. I bought my car January 2014. They do not give you a list of what is already wrong with the car. So when I purchased it, it was due for an oil change which is no biggy... When I went to a mechanic explaining a noise I was hearing my belt was cracked and my wheel cylinders were completely broken. The belt was not covered but the cylinders were covered, but WHY WOULDN’T YOU LET THE BUYER KNOW THAT SOMETHING THAT SEVERE WAS ALREADY WRONG WITH THE CAR AT PURCHASE! Everything was going good for a while besides me getting the alignment done and two brand new tires for the front. Remind you I haven’t had this car for more than 3 months. I went in for my next oil change and had an inspection done the rotors were warped and valve covers were cracked and I needed a whole tune up. Of course, I always get what needs to be done done because I commute to work and need a working car. When got that done the mechanic informed me that my transmission mount was broken. Not even another month my car started to not start, and died on me on the freeway. Pulled over turned right back on. At work went and purchased a new battery and new alternator. It was fine for about a week. Then would not turn over at all! Ive had several different mechanics take a look at it! Its not compression, fuel pump, spark, ignition coils, ANYTHING! We started to brain storm and realized that there has been a security light on ever since I bought my car and no check engine light on the dash.. The last resort is that light has FRIED the computer. I tried to talk to UAC about warranty and they said no electrical is covered!!!!! REMIND YOU I HAVENT HAD MY CAR FOR 6 MONTHS AND IM PAYING DOUBLE THE AMOUNT FOR THIS *** CAR AND THE WARRANTY IS NOT HELPING !!!! When I had to get warranty in the beginning they told me that the closest service center for carhop was the Hayward, CA center. Come to find out there is one not even two blocks away from my house!! I contacted them and they said this is a common issue with car hop and that car hop chooses their favorite service centers rather than servicing their customers at the best they can! So now I am carless for about two weeks while my car is at G-tech in Antioch, Ca where there are people that are affiliated with Car Hop that actually want to help! I cannot wait tell I am done paying this car off (if it makes it that long..) and junk it.

--Caylyn(2002 pontiac)

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Carhop , at Hayward like a pieces of shit!!!, They are saling all junk cars!!!, They are scamning big time!!!, Someday, i will take them to court!!!, Somebody got to bring them down!!!, closed their business at Hayward by Mission Blvd for good!!!, it's going to teach them a lesson for the rest of their life!!!, I bought a car their recently and the battery dead 3 times before i got home!!!, that's a *** shitty business!!! I have no idea, how the *** their business been there that long!!!, shitty business!!!


I hear you because I once got a car from them but I will never do it again if I was you I would trade it in ASAP

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