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COPY OF EMAIL SENT TO TURK FILES IN SAN DIEGO CA ON CAR HOP IN NATIONAL CITY CA: My name is Leticia Bates. I seen a commercial on t.v.

about car hop about how they help you fix your credit and give a good car yo use for a good price and they can help the financial situation. Well I got financed on a 2001 ford focus and they want about 10,000 dollars for the car when i am done purchasing it. They said that the car comes with a 18 month warranty or 18,000 mile warranty. When I first went to go see if i get qualified they said that I was apporved they don't let you pick your car out I had a decision for 2 cars after my information was reviewed and basically they said I have two options for a car one option was a stick and I cannot drive a stick the other was a ford focus and I agreed.

So I took the car for a test run and when I did the car had stopped running near my house on 61st st San Diego ca 92114. Called car hop and let them know what happened they had the car towed from there to a shop to be looked at and they said that it was the altenator at this time i had not filled out the paper work to get the car. They called me the following day said am I still interested in the car and i said yes if the problem was fixed they said they put in a new altenator I test drove the car again and it was fine. I filled out paper work and financed the car with payments of 172.00 twice a month on my pay dates which equal $358 a month and i put down $500 for the vehicle.

I have bad credit and owe 31,000 dollars on my credit and 21,000 of those dollars are from my loans from school because i got to school online for criminal justice at ashford university. They also had me sign a document that said when i filled m taxes if I would agree to pay $500 on the car and i agreed but i told the man I had no idea when I was going to file my taxes he said just give a round about date that can be changed cause one had to be on file and it would be fine well i made the date of feb 15 2014 and had not filled my taxes yet and they began calling saying that i must pay the $500 payment. 2 weeks after purchasing the car it began to have issues again. It started cutting off on me and sputtering real bad and the check engine light came on when I took it to car hop they said it was the thermostat and then I had taken the car to another mechanic who checked the car and said that the radiator was loose and it seem to be that the transmission was about to go out.

So i took the paper work from the other mechanic back to pacific auto one of car hops approved mechanic shops to get the car fixed and gave him the paper work he said hre cannot go off someone elses diagnostic and he did his onwn and said that it ewas the thermostat and said it wasnt covered under the warranty. So I began to contact UAc and the mangers at car hop to see if i could get some help on getting the car fixed. I asked to have the car traded due to the problems i began to have and they said no that was not an option. I called for 2 weeks trying to get this issue resolved everytime that i called I spoke to a different representative who new nothing about what i had discussed with previous representatives like they were not documenting the accounts properly.

So and when talking to the manger ken at car hop he said that he would look into it and would rarley get back to me when he was suppose to i had to call him and get the information I needed and he said he couldnt help. So when talking to UAc the finace company one representative told me that they have a budget for parts that is not covered under the warranty and because of the issues that i have been having with them and the car that they had their manger approve for me to get the thermostat fixed and they would pay for the visit to the mechanic shop because they said the car needed to get diagnosed again because it had been about 2 weeks since it was last done and the paper work needed to be faxed to them. So when i called back they told me to just take the car in and have it fixed . the guy lester had disanosed the car sent the paper work over then i had to argue with a representative for a hour cause they didnt want to pay for the daiagnosis then after they paid for it had to go through the ring around again after i was told they would pay all the fees to get the car fixed they paid half.

When i got my car back still heard a loud sputtering noise and asked the mechanic what was going on and he said that it was the EGR valve that was cracked and he said that he called the company and they would not fix it cause it was not covered under warranty so i am still driving a car that hasnt been fully repaired. I have been late on my payments and still wondering if i should send in the next payment which is late because of the issues that i have been having and when i called yesterday to speak to someone the phone that i call to pay my car note was disconnected and said that the verizon number had been changed or disconnected. the question is why is a big business like this UAC a finance company using a cell number for business. I feel that i have been scammed by a company that is legally out here scaming people like me who has financial burdens because they know that the deal they have sounds so sweet.

But it is that when something sounds good there is always a catch. i have viewed the reviews on this company and there are many other clients from other locations who have had the same issues as me. We need to put a stop to this so that they can stop scamming people and hop fully soon some legal action can be taken against them. I dont have the access funds to pay for a lawyer or i would do so.

I am a single mother who is 31 years old and have a child the age of 15 years old that i have to transport i have no other support his father has been deceased since 2001 due to a car accident. I am a single mother working a part time job as a security dispatcher at the Jacobs center located at 404 euclid avenue. I have been working for the company since feb. 2011 and last year in aug.

was laid off for 6 months before I was laid off i was full time with benifits , I was rehired part time where I am barley making 30 hours a week no benifits and is going to school online for criminal justice try to receive my bachelors degree this is my second year in college. i have enough finacial issues and at this time do not need a reposession at this time on my record for this car which would be about 7,000 dollars. At the rate i see the car is going to have to be returned because they refuse to trade me for another vehicle and at the rate things are going with the vehicle that i have now who knows what will be going on with anoter vehicle from the company. When speaking to the finace company they got many excuses and have been told that car hop is selling lemons and they are financing them and they need to look into it because what they are doing is fraud and they are not taking it seriously.

After you sign your name on contracts it is hard to prove your points of the unjust because regardless they go by what is stated on paper. Please get abck to nme at your soonnest convience this is a real issue that needs to be looked into.

i can be contacted by email i also left a message on turkos answering machine but I am pretty sure that is is not as clear as this email. If this email does to the wrong department can you please make sure that it is forwarded to turko.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Hay girl I also had a bad exspirance with them at that branch this year. The Machnic shop that they use actually is scamming people.

They said I needed some engine work charged me $400.00 dollars. And 3 months to this August I noticed a crazy sound in my engine. Took it to another machine....he said that I needed to get a certine part fixed in my engine... I told him I just paid $400.

To get that fixed he said let me see your receipt.... Girl I got scammed by Leo

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