My wife and I purchased a vehicle from Carhop in May of 2012. 1st of all, my wife was 7 1/2 months pregnant, when we purchased this car.

8 days after buying the car, I started to realize that my tires where starting to show wiring, little did I know, 3 out of the 4 tires on the car had almost half of the tire was showing 50% of the wiring. Now I realized when i got the tires off that the wiring was showing on the inside of the tires, like the dealership knew that the tires where showing wiring, so when I was actually looking at the car, I couldn't tell that the tires had wiring showing. Secondly, the car came with 4 different sized tires! Out of the 8 months I've owned the vehicle, it's spent 5 1/2 months in different auto shops around town.

I have put more money into this vehicle than it is worth. After getting a full bumper-to-bumper inspection I noticed that, 95% of the car is not up to par, and if it was to have to complete an instate emissions test, it would not even take 5 minutes for them to fail the vehicle. I've gone into the dealership to talk to the sales manager, Joe Mueller, and he was ABSOLUTELY no help at all, he told me there was absolutely nothing that he could do, and on top of all of that he just didn't seem like he cared at all about what was going on. He barely talked to me for 10 minutes.

If I had to give an overall grade of my experience with Carhop, without a doubt, I would give them a F. I would definitely advise that if you are looking to purchase a vehicle through this dealership, DO NOT DO IT! This car has been more stressful than reliable.

DO NOT PURCHASE A VEHICLE AT CARHOP IN COLORADO SPRINGS! You're likely to get ripped off and tossed to the side.

Monetary Loss: $7530.

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I applied online to get a loan for a car and I hadn't even finished the application and I get a phone call from a car hop employee. I told her that I draw my VA disiability and that I go to school for time so I draw my money from my GI bill and that they give me my BAH extra every month as long as I am in school.

She said that would be no problem. So I wasted my time going down there filling out all the paper work just to find out they don't count my BAH as an income> Because their *** logic is that it is for school! How the *** am I suppose to get to school without a car! I wasted my time and my friends time who took me there when they could have told me over the phone that I didn't qualify!

I walked out of the *** office. I also called the lady back that told me that it wouldn't be a problem and told her that from now on she should tell the Vet's who go to school and apply that their money won't count as income. She told me she was going to check into it and call me back. Guess what never got a call back.

They are a worthless company and I am glad I didn't get a car from them after reading these complaints. To any Vet out there think about going though Car Hop don"t do it!

They will *** and not use lube or give you a kiss!!!!! Kim Cox Springfield MO

Maple Grove, Minnesota, United States #592069

We apologize for your disappointing experience, and we’d like to work on a positive resolution. CarHop has been Helping People Drive® since 1996, and we want to do everything we can to help every customer. Please reach out to us directly talk2us@carhop.com or call toll free at 1-800-662-2746.

Wichita, Kansas, United States #591793

It isn't just Colorado. All carhops are horrible.

My husband and I were in the exact same boat as you. 7 months Oregon and we went to carhop. We found a nice looking car that seemed to run well. The next morning however it would not start we called and said we wanted to return the car (we had it less than 12 hours) they refused and said to go through their warranty Dept.

We did then we got a call from the body shop asking if we knew why there was a second carberator welded to the engine and if we knew there was a major crack in the engine block. Turns out the dealer poured sealant in the engine so it would run long enough for us to get it off the lot. Ended up having to replace the entire engine. Then we found out the gas gage didn't work.

(That was fun) plus a multitude of other issues.

DO NOT EVRR BUY A CAR FROM CARHOP!! Oh and after we finally paid off the junker they called to ask if we wanted to trade in for a newer car!

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