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i went to car hop on 4-27 where they told me i needed someone that i live with to cosign for me because of my budget which was ok with me. i then have my step mom come and cosign for me after that process they (Al Meckler) then decided to tell us she could not cosign for me since she didnt have her car from carhop for a year yet.

so today 4-30 i have my father go with me to cosign, after they get all of his info once again Al decides to tell us that no one in my house can cosign for me since my step mom hasnt had her car for a year yet. I find this to be a bunch of ***!! he should have told us that before we wasted our time with them. My advice to everyone is to NOT go to carhop.

you are only wasting your time. definately spreading the word around town about the HORRIBLE service

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no thanks, i would rather not deal with you guys anymore. im not going to waste anymore of my time with you.

maybe you should train your employees to inform people of policies ahead of time. the only way i will be willing to work with you people is if you guarentee me a car.


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