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I work for a dealership myself, this dealership does not sell you a car they sell you a loan. They do not care what condition the vehicle is in, all they car is getting the loan bought. Be careful if you are going to buy a car go to a legit dealership. Also makes our auto mall look bad because of there low quality vehicles they have. Many of you might be scared to go to a dealership because you think you might be denied. All I can say if you... Read more

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The commercial that they advertise is fake you are not 100% guaranteed credit approval and they don't even talk about the $199 down. Like so many of those Pay Here buy Here places they all are a rip-off and over price! The warranty is bogus just like the Manger! They asks a lot of questions all in your business like you're filling out a welfare application or something. Will not refer Carhop to any friends or family..... Nebraska Read more

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There's no justice! Car-Hop IS still allowed 2 promote false advertisement & take advantage of those w/Low-Income. And UAC makes a killing as well ny harassing & Allowing vehicles to be sold 4 more than its value. They also say a refund in 7days..Thts another lie. It took almost a month for me, but claimed I'm a prefered customer..BS!! The trade in & Cash I used didn't mean a thing. I told them Want my refund($475) tht isn't paid in full & they... Read more

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Do not buy from car hop these people are big second amendment hatters bad experience at Rochester mn location. Read more

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My engine blew in my 2001 Ford Escape less than 2 months of purchasing it! I had to have it towed from Missouri on the interstate and pay for all of it. I've never been offered the use of another vehicle, apology etc. That was over THREE (3) months ago and I still don't have my vehicle fixed!! I don't trust the service stations they contract with as I heard numerous negative complaints about their service and have experienced this myself. I had... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 18
  • #903186

They sold me an over priced dirty car. Right after I bought it I had to have it in the shop the first few months I had it. Never got a spare for it. It's been problem after problem. I would never recommend them to anyone!!!

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 16
  • #901780

As soon as the warranty went out it broke down ever month and now its either keep it running or pay for it they charged me double what it was worth so i cant sell it to pay it off

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 16
  • #901626

Car Hop off Rice St in Maplewood, MN should me closed dwn! The store manager is NOT trustworthy or reliable. He do properly check inventory or staffing. His concern is making a sale & getting tht money by any means. Cheryl w/UAC is NO better. They'll turn your vehicle off for $10 even if ur a preferred customer!!

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 13
  • #900186

I also had gotten a car from car hop. It is a 2000 chev. Malibu. It was the only car they said I could have. I have 3 school age kids and grand kids in car seats. I wasn't happy at all. They charging me $8000.00 by the time I pay it off. They knew I had no other choice. Its not fair that they can take advantage of people.

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Bad bad business I would like for any one who thinks about getting a car from here.DON'T uac charges you a arm and a leg for financing who and what car company pays a car note every 2 weeks .So I did some digging by law you are to pay once a month I was told that they should not be open. #2 we got a car from there found out the car was only worth 2,000 dollars if we would have kept it we would have paid 10,000$ for a piece of ***. It took this... Read more

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