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Thank God I didn't take the bait! I honestly feel bad for the folks who've gotten mixed up with this company. They tried to sell me a vehicle worth approximately $6,000 for $11,300. I practically ran out of there. It's a shame too... they present themselves as being interested in helping you fix your credit while getting a reliable vehicle. Clearly not the case. They're MORE corrupt than normal... Read more

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Best buy here pay here dealership in the area all around in fact there nationwide and they really started to buy here pay here industry they have a great warranty great credit reporting everything they do is just to help people with bad credit people don't understand exactly what carhop does but when you really break it down carhop helps a lot of people and it was able to help me get on the road... Read more

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They r a rip off... The biggest mistake my husband and I made.... We got a car the 1st day we got it it broke down. Took them 2 weeks 2 fix it.... Then the check engine light kept coming on n off finally figured out what was wrong then told me my warranty didn't cover it... They wanted me to pay $450 to fix it myself..... That car spent more time in the shop... Then they *** u over n *** your... Read more

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Yes i had expeiance with this ripoff dealer and uac. I got 2000 chev lumina. Cost was 6900 pluse finace charge for 2000. Ok so i was happy. So i change jobs i called to report change. They refused to take info. So i looked up price in kelly blue book. It was only worth 2000$ from dealer. I said no way. They came and got car and lost job aa well. They resold car for 820$. Now they are trying to... Read more

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To begin I went to them last year around November they tell me to wait until the beginning of the year 2016 and come back and we can help you so I go back yesterday after I call and they said yeah come on in to be told you have to many inquiries on your credit report. My thing is why does it matter I have income every month and them inquiries are for trying to get a car. So if they approved me... Read more

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I bought a car from carhop in des moines leaa than two weeks later my car caught on fire and completely burned to the ground...i dont know what they plan to do about it im sitting here now Add comment

This has been the worst experience of my life going through Car Hop. YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!! I needed a car really bad because mine had broke down on me..I was so excited when I found CarHop....On Dec 3rd 2015. I went in to see if I would qualify. I waited about an hour to even be seen..Finally they told me to fill out my information on the computer. I felt like I was at work. I sat there for over an... Read more

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I bought my 2006 grand prix from car hop in 2014. What a mistake that was. I replaced all three components of The power steering. The pump, pressure hose, and return hose. Catalytic converter, resinator, alternators, water pump, mass air flow sensor, Co sensors. Both headlights and brights went out, coolant resivior. Now I have to replace the battery and starter and timing. Car hop has a 1 star... Read more

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They are the worst place to ever buy a car.i wish people would read these reviews or there was away to stop the advertisements so people don't get screwed.every bad thing said from everyone are 100 percent true i witnesed it a couple days ago when brother got a car from there it didnt last 10 days with out it becoming undriveable they wouldn't do nothing about it.i could go on and on about carhop... Read more

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The worst place get a vehicle the intrest rate is so high that when im done i would have paid for to vans warranty frim them is bull *** 18 month warranty have had the van 15 months nedd couple things on motor fixed its suppost to be under warranty but guess what the say no now worst place to get car i would never have any body go through such a *** car place carhop is not for the people thats... Read more

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