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When I first got my suv I yest drove it i didnt find anything wrong after I left the car started to smoke then I smelled gas really strong they fixed tht problem but not my trans they kept saying its nothing wrong with it but it jerks something bad still havent fixed it. I went thru some issues wit my job so they repoed it I paid it before they tried to sell it when i get bck in my suv they turned it off and I have to wrk how the *** can I pay... Read more

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Hello, My name is Lisa Fuoco and I bought a 2007 Kia Sporage from Carhop in Fort Collins, CO in March 2016. Since the first week I have had nothing but problems with it. I had to have it jump started just to get it back to Carhop for Marvin to put in a different battery and disable the alarm system because as he said, "it was draining the battery" since this time I have had to continuously hip the car to drive it is also making grinding noises... Read more

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I was on medical leave and fell behind on my payments. I had one more to catch up on but forgot to make that payment so at midnight my car was repo. I did not even get a letter in the mail which I believe by CA law I'm suppose to get? I need legal advice. Plus my car has been in the shop for several months at a time! Does any one have any suggestions? Im so upset at this point! They need to be shut down! Im going to see if I can file a complaint... Read more

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Purchased a car at this location after I was given a choice of 3. All were cars I would have never owned or bought, in my lifetime but I drove all of them after being in the office all day. I heard the manager on the phone saying rude comments about me to whoever she was talking to at the end of the transaction. The first car was an old beat up huge car it was falling apart. I went a block up the street with it and came back. The next car, the... Read more

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  • Jul 01
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I had a great experience with jake he helped me so much and made my family feel so important and needless to say we got approved for a great car within our budget. I will definitely be referring my friends and family. Thanks a lot jake.

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Co signed for a car with my son was told if he did auto pay the he would have a warranty on engine and transmission for length of loan. Now has noise coming from engine and all of a sudden that warranty has been canceled and they did away with it and his not covered. Lady I talked to even said she thoihht they should of notified everyone but they didn't.I didn't think they could cancel something once the offer and you accept . Read more

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I went into car hop to payy daughter's payment & said to the man that I think they are a bunch of rippffs.The man actually called my daughter (who is in the hospital having a child 3months premature) & told her she can't have anyone make her outrageous payment anymore because I made a scene about what rippffs they are to the consumer. All I said is that they prey upon people with not so good credit- that Paul Blanca would give the consumer a... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 21
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Carhop put in collections for $8,000 for 2001 mazda 626.which is not even valued that much.I called for them to come for the car as soon as I found out the actual amount it took them months to come for it.

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yeah I bought a 2000 Buick lesabre 2 days later service engine light came on along with gas cap loose. Needless to say they wouldn't fix it Wouldn't pass emissions. Also had to get a new catalytic converter and starter. Course nothing covered by the *** warranty. So far got 3000.00in it. They prey on the poor who have bad credit and rip them off. On keeping the var because I have toouch invested and I can't get rid of it. We. Need to do a class... Read more

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To everyone on this site that has had issues with Carhop and U.A.C go to the F.B.I site and file a complaint and demand a investigation into Carhop U.A.C actually same company, if we can get enough people to do it they will look into them they are theive i paid my payments on time for an entire year theu the direct deposit and the thank you i get is two days off work and no pay because the deposit messed up n caused to be four days late but they... Read more

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