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  • From mobile
  • Carhop
  • May 20
  • #851427

This place is all over the place they say they will work with you but have pre set monthly amounts on top of wanting all sorts of info.. Add comment

These people are predatory lenders and sellers. U really cant pick the car you want unless you have the money they want. The prices are non negotiable. Exp.. a 98 ford crown victoria will cost you 10000 before financing. And they are owned by UAC the finance company. . I bought a 97 ford expedition. U was lucky not to have any problems out of it. But when i tried to pay it off ahead of time to avoid the 30% financing charges on top of being... Read more

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We needed a car desperately so we went to Car Hop. They will get u driving, but their cars are garbage and they lie ALOT! I figured that because of our credit, the cars would be overpriced but i had no idea how overpriced until it was too late. For a $1800 car by the end of this term we will have paid $7000! We took this car because the liar told us after 6 months we can trade it in and get a better one. We went in at 6months like he said and... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Carhop
  • May 10
  • #845500

Bought a 03 Chevy Impala. 4 engines later, I'm stuck with $6000 plus in car payments with no car because yet another engine went out. They get them from junk yards. Supposed to be new used engine. This last one was held together by zip ties.... Add comment

  • From mobile
  • Carhop
  • May 09
  • #844267

you guys are a joke and anybody that goes thru you is a ***. YOU GUYS SUCK. Add comment

I purchased a car and my last payment is this month. Sent me a letter for free up grade. I get there and they only want to give me $250 for my explorer and then only wanted to give me junk cars with problems!made me jump through hoops and told me that's all I qualified for but my income has not changed since I bought the first car!!!! Gave me nothing but static about everything! Never missed a payment never late with payment but refuse to help... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Carhop
  • May 07
  • #843355

The carhop in Carnegie pa is where I went to get my Truck. The staff was very friendly and professional. They helped me get approved in no time; it was a very good experience!! Add comment

This place is a low down rip off and UAC is even worse .their customers service representatives are rude and disrespectful and even the management...I have put more into repairs of my P.O.S.then it's worth And have probably paid for it 3 times and it's still not paid off...they told me that I could trade it in for a newer car,...seriously car hop? Myself and so many others have become wise to your wicked and deceitful ways Read more

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This place is a joke. Randy helped me greatly to get into a car, their finance company though is a hassle. Change jobs you will pay same payment, have an emergency and land in hospital they day they will work with you but in mean time call everyone you know 3 times a day as they require 25 references tell everyone your personal info. When tow truck driver came he told me better places to get a car, where to report them and said over 1/2 cars he... Read more

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Please i repeat please do not go to carhop to purchase a car! Their cars are overpriced and dont run well at all! Depending on your credit and your down payment they choose the car for you, and not to mention the finance company which is UAC is a joke, they make false reports on your credit. They verbally harass you on the phone when you are just 1 or 2 days late on a payment! I rather take a chance on buying a car off the street than to deal... Read more

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